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The importance of wedding music

Lots of brides seem to neglect the importance and value of music on their big day-imagine!. Instead they splash the cash on absolutely irrelevant showpiece items which at the end of the day, are they really a showpiece? Are they even noticed? I think the answer to these two questions is pretty obvious. Put that in comparison to the music at the wedding ceremony or the drinks reception when the guests can both see and hear this valuable instrument or singer. Think about that.

Music has always acted as a medium through which emotions is conveyed to the listener. This fact is obvious when we consider the “Big Giants” of the nineteenth century (The Romantic period), who composed music to express their innermost thoughts and feelings. During your wedding the music plays its role as a medium giving off a certain positive energy to establish the whole celebratory positive mood throughout the day. This effect can only be achieved through the power of real life musical instruments not through a recording which could even give arising problems during your walk up the aisle - not cool!

Choosing the right type of music at your wedding is one of the easiest ways of ensuring that all your guests, who let’s face it have travelled near and far, have a ball of a time!. It helps to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere and keeps everyone’s energy levels up during the day. It’s true to say that whenever I start to play my harp it really does create a great buzz in the room that’s difficult to get from music playing from a CD. Also as the harp is such a unique instrument and is the emblem of Ireland I always get asked a lot of questions from wedding guests and listeners in general about the whole mechanism of the harp or even just to stand in for pictures with them and my harp as it’s so rare to see in reality. People thrive on two things in life food and entertainment!! Where would we be without those two powerful elements to our world. I believe in carefully planning your wedding around those two things your guaranteed a showstopper wedding!!

If you are planning your wedding and are interested in finding out more about choosing suitable music please feel free to get in contact with me on 087 0673909 or by email: or through my website.

Love Níamh x

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