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Niamh Columb's Journey as a Harpist

Niamh (pronounced 'Neev') descends from a traditional Irish background in music. Brought up outside the renowned town of Harping tradition and Harp festivals of Granard, Co. Longford. Niamh followed the path in music by Irish dancing at the age of 7, picking up the piano and Irish harp at age 10. 

Her studies in fact began with the last of the Granard Harp school. From which Niamh picked up a passion for the harp leading her to take lessons with associate of the Royal Irish Academy of Music Helen Price who was a major inspiration and influence to Niamh's love of passing on the skill to her Harp students . Further to her harp studies, Niamh participated in the Scoil na gCláirseach of the early Irish Harp made with brass wires instead of the usual carbon strings due to her strong interest in the Harp as both an instrument and a hobby, from which she became a member of the Historical Harp Society of Ireland. She soon took up a few private lessons on the early Irish Harp with another well established Harpist Siobhán Armstrong. Niamh also participated in the Cairde Na Cruite Summer camps where she had studied with many acclaimed harpists. Along her journey as a teen Harper, Niamh got accepted into the Irish Harp Orchestra directed by internationally known harpist Dr. Janet Harbison based in Co. Limerick. Niamh has toured extensively as a soloist and as a member of the Irish Harp Orchestra to many countries in Europe outside of Ireland. Niamh has been the resident harpist in Lough Rynn Caste, Co. Leitrim, entertaining the tourists residing in the castle both performing and telling the tale behind the history of the songs and the harp itself. Apart from performing as a solo harpist in Lough Rynn Castle, Niamh has also performed in Dromoland Castle and Kilronan Castle, along with performances for charity such as local talent variety shows and openings. She continuously challenged herself in live performances and soon won fleadh Harp competitions. Niamh is featured playing her Harp solos on CD Beneath the Moat, along with various other recordings of her featured playing harp on Youtube. 


In June 2017 Niamh received her Harp teaching diploma issued by the Royal Irish Academy of Ireland as an associate and registered harp teacher of Ireland after many years of preparation of composition and musicology under Annette Perry. In 2018 Niamh graduated from DCU with a joint honours degree in both French and Music. In 2021 Niamh was awarded a first class honours Professional Master of Education (Primary). 


Niamh's passion for music, compelling stage performance and endearing personality has made her a premier talent with the incredibly complex and challenging Irish Harp.

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