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Your Guide to Wedding Music

Music forms the backbone to creating that magical day! After all, guests remember two things from your big day – music and food. The harp sets the tone of the wedding from start to finish, creating this feeling of elegance, magic and most importantly love! The theme you want to capture throughout your big day! After all isn’t that what this day symbolises? The harp is a symbol of love, prosperity and elegance in every single possible way, it is even in the shape of a heart (harmonic curve)!!! It paints that fairy tale portrait that every girl dreams of. It acts in the same way as film music, painting a picture to every scene, emphasising the emotions portrayed by the characters, creating the atmosphere, you name it! We want your music to simply compliment the magic, the love, the happiness of your dream day, this is what makes the music of your wedding such a big important aspect to wedding planning.

Why choose harp? Music is linked to emotion, instruments vary in timbre (sound) for example if we hear heavy metal we automatically associate this to anger, in contrast to the sweet sound of harp which we immediately conjure up this image of angels and a sense of comfort, relaxation and happiness. So choosing your instrument is vital. The harp offers a unique experience for your guests, it’s a rare instrument, it is special. The harp is most renowned for being the national emblem of Ireland, the oldest surviving harp (Brian Boru harp) to be found in the long room of Trinity College, Dublin. The harp was in fact used by composers of the Romantic period to portray the theme of love and romance. For couples who share different taste in music, the harp unlike any other instrument is a versatile instrument, you can virtually play any genre of music on harp ranging from pop, classical to even jazz- you name it the harp has got you covered! The perfect choice for a mutual agreement to suit everybody’s musical taste. If you would like to book me for your wedding please contact me on 087 0673909, email: or through my website. Hope this helps with your wedding planning.

Lots of love,

Níamh x

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