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For more information or enquiries please feel free to call me on 0870673909.

Terms & Conditions of Sale


The term ‘Business’ means Niamh’s Harp Academy. The ‘Purchaser’ means the person whose order is accepted by the Business.



Niamh will perform the harp for the price set in the Quote.

Any unexpected situations will require an additional price to be quoted.

The price assumes that Niamh is to perform the harp for the stated period of time, as stated in this quote.

*A non-refundable deposit of €60 must be paid to secure the date.

The price set out in the quote must be paid the week prior to your wedding date.


Niamh has the right to be informed of any changes made to the venue/location of the wedding/event.



As soon as an order is placed, the purchaser is deemed to have agreed to, and is bound by, the terms and conditions herein described by the Business.

A contract of sale is deemed to exist as soon as the Business despatches an email message to the purchaser, confirming that the Business has received the Purchaser’s order, regardless of whether the Purchaser receives the confirmation email or not.

If due to unforeseen circumstances the wedding/event is cancelled the remaining balance on the quote must still be paid in full to Niamh’s Harp Academy. In the event that the Business cancels the wedding/event we will return any prepayments, with the exception of the deposit (read point 5) to the Purchaser.

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