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Planning a wedding!

Planning your wedding is an exciting time! However, there are some things you must know before booking the big day!

Firstly, price around!! Find the best deal you can get. When viewing venues try and imagine your big day, ask yourself: can I see my wedding at this venue? If not keep on moving!

Secondly, book for a minimum number of guests. Do not be too ambitious by plucking the maximum number of guest meals you can think of. Remember you can always add tables, not take away!

Thirdly, music. Music is at the heart and soul of every wedding. You simply cannot have a fabulous day without music! Music fills the empty vessels of your big day. It creates a warm, welcoming ambience for you and your guests. Studies have shown the positive influence of music on people's overall mental health and happiness. For example, think of your favourites music. How does it make you feel? Every couple wants their guests to enjoy the day as much as they do. Treat your guests to the unique sound of the Irish harp. The harp with its soft tones simply complements the day and adds to the fairytale element of your dream wedding! Contact Niamh on 0870673909 or by email: to book your special surprise for you guests.

Lastly, enjoy the planning!! Sit back with your choice of drink and simply take in every step at a time.


Níamh xx

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